A simple drawing with a white background. At the top middle is a pink banner that reads "queer migrants welcome". Under the banner are eleven people, some of them holding pride flags, some of them have rainbow coloured hair. Most of them are laughing

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Welcome to our website about all things related to LGTBQ newcomers, migrants and refugees. We hope that your find some interesting and helping information in the offered content.


This website was built by a team of students of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Health Communication at the School of Public Health at Bielefeld University in Germany. The building process of this website was part of a practical project during the winter semester of 2018/2019. The aim of this course was to understand and learn about the general health situation and risks of LGTBQ people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer).


One main emphasis of this project was the perspective for newcomers, migrants and refugees in the context of LGTBQ health.


This site serves a general overview of the topic LGTBQ health, one of our intentions behind the site is to underline the wide spectrum of this subject. It is an introduction of some concepts, if you are looking for more specific content, use the mentioned links.


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The LGBTQ+ Praxisprojekt team

Our Team

A Group picture of the team that built the website. 10 people are standing, smiling, in front of a blackbord which reads "Queer Migrants Welcome"
FLTR Hürrem, Yudit, Büşra, Elsa, Esra, Malin, Till, Kim, Sonja, Leyla

Bsc Health Communication -

School of Public Health - 

Bielefeld University/Germany.